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What makes the Gospel the Good News

is not who it keeps out,

but who it lets in.

At Trinity, All Are Welcome

You are welcome no matter where you're at on your faith journey. You are welcome no matter what you've been through.  You are welcome no matter what you believe, who you love, or how you vote.  

At Trinity, all are welcome.


Our call is simple:  to continue to live Jesus' example.  We receive God's gifts of grace and mercy and in turn are called to pass them on. 

Whether we are opening our doors as a homeless shelter, serving those with physical or mental disabilities, reaching out to those who feel excluded or judged, or involving young people in service, we take seriously that we are God's hands in this world doing God's work. 

Trinity's Mission: 

To Glorify God by celebrating God's Love

Growing in faith and knowledge

Reaching out with the compassion of Christ to all.


Trinity is firmly rooted in Lutheran theology  We follow the liturgy of the church (readings from scripture, homily, prayers of the people, Eucharist).  We believe sacraments are gifts from God and what God gives is given freely to everyone.


Welcoming. Accepting. Relaxed. Caring. 

If you visit, we want you to take things at your pace.  We'll be glad you're with us, but no one will pressure you to "officially" join.  Want to jump in with both feet?  Great.  Want to see what you think?  That's great too.  God loves you just as you are and so do we.

We're a congregation that cares about each and every member.  Trinity is not just a church to attend.  We're a community of love and support - there to celebrate those joyous sacramental moments with you, share in your spiritual growth, work with you to build the Kingdom, and circle around you in the hard times too.

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